Drago Thul

Ambassador of Karrnath, Commander of Swords of Karrn


Drago Thul is the commander of the Swords of Karrn and the official ambassador of Karrnath. The man is a brilliant military commander. He is also a military man of proper conduct and etiquette. Though he is rarely seen in person, most residents of the district have a great deal of respect for Drago and his soldiers. He has transformed Grindstone into a vision of his ideal state, imposing a rule even harsher than that of the Code of Kaius with the help of the Swords. Under the watchful eyes of his soldiers, Grindstone is one of the safest places in Stormreach. The Swords dispense harsh justice whenever the peace is disturbed; criminals might be beaten, maimed, or even killed. Occasionally the Swords venture outside Grindstone in pursuit of enemies, but by and large they are content to police their territory. They have no respect for the Stormreach Guard, and few guards enter Grindstone without direct orders. The Swords of Karrn are one of the most dangerous forces in Stormreach. Its members are drawn from the elite forces of the Five Nations; they are not simply soldiers, but among the best soldiers Khorvaire has to offer?


Served admirably to Karrnath in the Last War. Great renown as one of the greatest and most brilliant military commanders of his time.
Of common birth he slowed rose in ranks through the military. His talents, skills and religious connections helped him overcome the limits of his birth. He bitterly opposed
Regent Moranna’s Mror campaign, a prophetic act that earned him the favor of many soldiers. He also protested the use of undead and warforged; a student of Karrn’s teachings, he believed that both practices sullied the art of war.
When Kaius III began paving the way for peace and the Treaty of Thronehold, Drago Thul refused to lay down his arms. Kaius had no intention of letting the commoner commander interfere with his plans, and he ordered Drago’s execution. With the help of a
small band of loyal followers, Drago fought his way to the coast and escaped to Stormreach. There, Drago declared that a thousand years had turned Wynarn blood to water. He would no longer serve any Wynarn king or fight to restore the nation of Galifar. It was time to create a new kingdom from the ashes of the old, following in the footsteps of Galifar I and Karrn the Conqueror. He called on the soldiers of all nations to abandon their weak rulers and fl ock to his banner. Stormreach is a safe haven for the Swords of Karrn, but it is only a waypoint on their journey. Sword envoys are spreading across the Five Nations, sharing the words of Drago Thul with every veteran they can find. The group currently has less than two hundred members in Stormreach, but is rapidly expanding with the current immigration to Xen’drik.

Drago Thul

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