Loral Lassite

Lord Loral Lassite, Coin Lord of Cross and the Marketplace


The Lassites are master brewers and frequently sponsor festivals and feasts. As a result, the human Lord Loral is easily the most popular of the Storm Lords. The Lassite family controls the marketplace of Stormreach and most often are put in charge of representing the city to foreign powers. The family also distills kuryeva (an alcoholic drink).

The current leader of the Lassites is the son of the deceased Varen Lassite. He is still very young after the untimely dimise of his father. Still he is highly charismatic and the most well liked of the five Storm Lords . His uncle, Volen Lassite, who was the previous Storm Lord before Loral’s father acts as Loral’s advisor.

Traditionally, before he or she becomes elderly, the Lassite family leader passes his or her possition onto a younger relative based on the candidate’s charisma.

Molou Lassite was the first leader of his family. He became of the five original Storm Lords in 800 YK. He was a smuggler and an expert at brewing kuryeva. The Lassites are a human family.


Loral Lassite

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