Silas Wylkes

Lord Silas Wylkes, Coin Lord of the Harbor, Harbor Lord


Lord Silas Wylkes, is the Coin Lord that carries the official title of Harbor Lord most and oversees the Harbor district and the shipping trade. Silas was the previous Harbor Lord’s, Jonas Wylkes, most trusted lieutenant, until Jonas murder. Now Silas follows in Wylkeses footsteps, keeping up with his predecessor’s reputation for debauchery and luxury. Formerly known as Silas Knocht he has been accepted into the Wylkeses family and as such was allowed to take on the Wylkeses family name. Why the family allowed Silas into their family is shrouded in mysteries but rumors in the streets tell that Silas knows some of the Wylkeses family darkest secrets through his service for the late Jonas Wylkes.

The family is made up of humans and half-elves. The family is in charge of the harbor. The Stormreach Compact actually specifies that the Wylkeses have the authority to assess fees on all ships using the harbor.

The first leader of the family was Jolan Wylkes.


Silas Wylkes

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