Leader of the Iron Watch, Stormreach trained and experienced warforged soldiers. Grouped and tactical the warforged are equipped for any encounter. These soldiers are called upon when things get messy. Wages paid to the Iron Watch go to improving the warforged as they are trying to find their new place in the world.

Steeljack is the warforged charismatic leader of the Iron Watch. He is a deadly fighter with a gift for inspiring warforged and questioning the world around him. During the Last War he served in the Brelish army under a commander who despised the warforged, abusing his troops and sacrificing them needlessly. After seeing one too many of his comrades shattered on the battlefield, Steeljack took his squad, commandeered a boat, and made
his way to Stormreach. In time Storm Lord Paulo Omaren, who was looking for a force to counter the Amanatus’ hold on the Stormreach Guard, contacted him, and so the Iron Watch was born. Steeljack feels a debt to Omaren and intends to honor his commitment to Stormreach, but his ultimate interest lies in creating a haven for his people.



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