Cultural Arms

You have been trained in the special weaponry and armor of a specific cultural region. You can use the unique weapons and armors with the descriptor belonging to that culture as stated table below. See Equipment for the list and details of the arms.

Select one culture:

Cultures Usuable arms category (see Equipment)
Audair Main
Breland Main
Karrnath Main
Thrane Main
Drow Drow
Giant Giant
Yuan-ti Yuan-ti

Also below is a list with the common cultural arms belonging to a typical warrior class from that region.

Culture Common arms Common armor Common combat feats
Audair(std) Scimitar and shortsword, shortbow Leather armor
Aundair(elite) Rapier and katar, light crossbow Chainmail
Breland(std) Shortspear, composite shortbow Leather armor, light shield
Breland(elite) Longspear, longsword, crossbow Chainmail, light shield
Karrnath(std) Flail, warhammer Chainmail, heavy shield
Karrnath(elite) Great sword, heavy flail Scale Armor
Thane(std) Longsword, longbow Chainmail
Thane(elite) Lance, bastard sword, shortbow Plate armor, heavy shield
Drow, Vulkooridal Drow Long knife, Scorpion claw gauntlet, Drow scorpion Chain, sand pipe Chitin armor, dreamhide, Vine, scorpion breastplate, war chitin
Yuan-ti Serpent bow

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Cultural Arms

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