Domain collection

The power and profitability of a domain are represented by two important domain assets: the regency reserve of the domain’s regent and the size of the domain’s treasury. A regent’s available regency is measured in regency points (RP). RP represent political or divine power which allows the regent to influence political affairs to their advantage. A domain’s treasury is measured in gold bars (GB). A gold bar abstractly represents things of worth owed to the regent, be they in cash or commodity, in service or in kind. The default gold bar is roughly equivalent to 1,000 gp in coin value if quickly disposed of, but this value may differ regionally. The things of worth represented by a GB varies by the nature through which the revenue is generated generally through taxes on commodities, but also in part direct seizure of such (the lord?s share of corn, ground wheat, etc.), and extraction of certain feudal services (including military obligation or scutage). A GB of value often consists of a wide variety of things of value. The exact nature of these things is usually irrelevant, as GBs are only used to finance domain level actions and pay for domain actions. A regent who wishes to use GBs for another purpose must do so using the Finance domain action.

Domains provide a measure of political power, or regency, to their regent. For blooded characters, this political power stirs the semi-divine blood in their veins in the same way that worship provides power to deities. The amount of regency possessed by a regent is measured in regency points. Blooded scions derive significant advantages as regents due to their bloodlines; thus, it is fairly rare for an unblooded character to hold a domain in Cerilia. There are three primary sources of RP collected seasonally: provinces, holdings, and vassalage agreements.

Total Holding Rating (THR)
THR is a measure of the totalled worth of your holdings, since holdings in higher level boroughs or natural state are worth more than global level one cultural holdings. The THR is measured by combing the total of your holdings in each borough (each multiplied by its borough level) and then adding the total of your holdings in each Natural State, multiplied by its natural level.
Example: a ruler with 12 holdings in a level 2 borough, 27 holdings in a level 1 borough, 10 natural holdings in a 4/3 province and 30 natural holdings in a 2/4 province, has a THR of 12*2+27*1+10*3+30*4 = 201.

Regency Income (RP)

Table: Income by THR (formula is THR/30, rounded up)

THR RP Income THR RP Income
1-30 1 331-360 12
31-60 2 361-390 13
61-90 3 391-420 14
91-120 4 421-450 15
121-150 5 451-480 16
151-180 6 481-510 17
181-210 7 511-540 18
211-240 8 541-570 19
241-270 9 571-600 20
271-300 10 601-630 21
301-330 11 631-660 22, etc
  1. Holding income: See table Income by THR above
  2. Borough ruling: Total of 1 RP per borough level for each borough ruled.
  3. Province ruling: Total of the province’s borough levels in RP for each province ruled.
  4. Vasselage: As per vassalage contract.
  5. Class features: As per the class feature

Regency pool

Regents accumulate a pool of regency during the course of their reign. A regent can hold up to 10 + 3x her regent level of RP. Any excess of this is lost.

Gold Bar Income (GB)

  1. Holding income: 2% of THR, rounded down to 1 decimal (or 1/50th)
    Example: a ruler with a 137 total holding rating (THR) gains 137/100 = 2.74 GB rounded down to 2.7 GB for his or her holdings each turn.
  2. Borough ruling: Total of 1 GB per borough level for each borough ruled
  3. Province ruling: Total of the province’s borough levels in GB for each province ruled.
  4. Trade routes: Roll 1d6 for each trading post owned. Divide the total by 10 and add this amount as extra income in GB from trades. (A guilder adds 2 trading posts to the total of trading posts owned from the class feature, so even with 0 trading posts, a guilder can add 2d6 at every income collection)
    i.e A guilder with 3 trading posts rolls 5d6 (3+2), for a result of 14. 14/10 = 1,4. She can add 1,4 GB to her income.
  5. Regent class features: add extra income from class features when applicable
  6. Domain moral: modify total income by set %

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Domain collection

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