Draconic Prophecy

“The future isn’t just set in stone. It’s carved in wood, traced in the course of rivers, and written on the wind. When I was a boy, a dragon told me that the mark on my arm was an emblem of the Prophecy, and that every move I made altered the course of the future. Believe what you will, but open your eyes and you will find the signs of the Prophecy in the most unexpected place.”
-Tasker, Excoriate of House Sivis

The secrets revealed in the Draconic Prophecy drove the progenitor wyrms, Eberron, Khyber, and Siberys, to split the world at the dawn of time. Esoteric fragments of its revelations inspired another generation of draconic creatures to reclaim Eberron from fiendish overlords. The fragments of the Prophecy, scattered throughout the world, constantly fascinate the dragons of Argonnessen and small groups of erudite scholars among the lesser races.

Although it appears that only dragons have the capability to fully comprehend the Prophecy, individual fragments convey guidelines to possible futures or manifest other magical powers. Every fragment is of great value and attracts the attention of dragons, who ever seek to glean hidden meanings within the Prophecy, or members of the Mosaic Committee of Aundair, who wrongly believe the Prophecy heralds an apocalypse and its fragments should be destroyed.

Interpreting the general meaning of marks tied to the Prophecy requires:

  • the ability to read Draconic
  • a successful DC 30 Knowledge (arcana) check.

What a mark signifies is up to the DM

Draconic Prophecy

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