Du Rashka Tul

One belief found among both giants and drow is the legend of the Du’rashka Tul— “the madness of crowds.” According to this tale, the forces that destroyed the ancient civilizations laid a curse on the land to prevent any nation in Xen’drik from rising to a position where it could once again threaten the world. The legend states that as soon as any Xen’drik civilization reaches a certain size and sophistication, its people are gripped by a homicidal rage. They spread out, killing every creature they encounter until they themselves are slain. Fear of the Du’rashka Tul has kept the followers of Vulkoor and the giant tribes small and nomadic. They believe that settling and allowing their numbers to increase might lead to madness. In support of the truth of the Du’rashka Tul, Xen’drik explorers have discovered lost civilizations that are clearly quite recent—ruins only a few thousand years old whose builders vanished without a trace.

If the legends are true, some fear that any of the giant factions spread across the shattered land could suddenly succumb to this bloody rage. Likewise, the Sulatar drow might fall to madness should their numbers increase, bringing a burning army out of the wilds to strike at Stormreach. As more and more people come to Xen’drik, some fear that even Stormreach might be gripped by the Du’rashka Tul—its residents transformed into blood-

thirsty, savage beasts.

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Du Rashka Tul

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