Regent Feats

Feat name Prereq Summary
Arcane Sanctum Domain Magic Feat Choose one province in which you have a natural holding. Gain a +1 to all Loyalty (MagDef) rolls related your natural holding in that province.
Battle Caster Domain Magic Feat, Magic Handling trained Cast one Battle Spell (card) during the strategy phase of mass combat. You can only do this if you are not the acting commander employing the strategies. Only one Battle spell may be cast for each side.
Blood Focus Domain Magic Feat Realm Spells research and casting costs are lowered by half
Boiling Blood regent creation You gain +2 domain initiative.
Conqueror Warcraft 6 ranks You ary offensive rating counts as 25% higher when calculating which fortifications can be attacked. You also gain a +1 bonus to domain initiative.
Contacts - Gain a +1 bonus to domain initiative rolls. Lower RP loss by event by half.
Domain Magic Magic Handling trained Gain access to natural holdings
Financial Might Finance trained You may spend Goldbars (GB) as well as Regency (RP) in domain action contests
Great Leader Lead 7 ranks Choose one borough; you holdings are calculated as double their value concerning income, and holding modifier on full round actions. You can change which borough to lead at the start of the first round each season before you declare which actions you take.
Great Lieutenant Lead trained or Regent level 5 Your recruit a Lieutenant which becomes a loyal servant of your domain. Create a character of half your character level (rounded down); and distribute half your regent level in regent skill points. You lieutenant rises in regent level with you and can tend to the affairs of you domain. See Lieutenant for details. Also you may now select regent feats as if you (also) have your lieutenant’s skill ranks, race, class, etc. Your lieutenant(s) progress in levels as you do, remaining at one half your level (rounded down).
Great General Any Master regent feat You appoint a skillful general to lead your armies. Once every season you may freely move any number of army units equal to half your level (rounded up) without spending a domain action on it as long as you move them to non-hostile territories. If you also have the Great Lieutenant feat you can select your lieutenant to be your general and can use your lieutenant’s warcraft skill and strategic combat cards during mass combats instead of your own.
Leadership Lead 6 ranks You attract a Cohort or a single special elite army unit of your choosing that requires no upkeep costs. Your Leadership score determines how powerful and/or large this cohort or army unit is. (1 GB worth per cohort level)
Ley Line Domain Magic Feat You can create a ley line.
Loyal Servants Statecraft 4 ranks All espionage or scry DC’s to gain information on one of your holding, burough’s, provinces, assets or armies are increased by 2. Your espionage and scry domain actions gain a -1 penalty.
Loved - +2 on domain morale attitude checks
Master Administrator Administrate 6 ranks Gain a +1 bonus to your Government regent defense. Administrate checks gain a +3 bonus
Master Diplomat Statecraft trained Gain a +2 bonus on diplomacy domain actions.
Master Manipulator Statecraft 6 ranks Gain a +2 bonus to one type of domain action that includes Influence (PhyAtk). The specific action must be chosen when you take this feat.
Master Merchant Finance trained Gain a +2 bonus to Espionage domain actions rolls and a +2 defense bonus on disrupt trade route Espionage action attempts against your trading posts.
Master of the Greater Mysteries Magic Handling 6 ranks Gain a +2 bonus to one type of domain action that includes Mystic (MagAtk). The specific action must be chosen when you take this feat.
Master of spying Statecraft 3 ranks You gain a +2 bonus to the Espionage domain action. You can perform a counter espionage action two months after someone else has performed an espionage action on you. If you do, you get a -5 penalty to the espionage check.
Master of the Crowds Lead 6 ranks Gain a +1 bonus to your Loyalty regent defense. Gain an +2 bonus to all domain attitude rolls.
Military Genius Warcraft 4 ranks You double the bonus to your army when you win an opposed warcraft check during mass combat, or half the penalty when you lose. In addition you know one additional strategic war card. The upkeep costs of all your army units are reduced by 10%
Nose for business Guilder class All trading posts generate 1d8 instead of 1d6 income.
Realm Spell Lore Domain magic feat Gain 2 Realm spells of a level that is half your regent level or lower (round down). This feat may be selected multiple times
True noble You must control a borough or province By virtue of your nobility, associated title and recognition you gain a +2 feat bonus to all event resolution rolls. If you lose control of all your burough’s and provinces, your bonus is halved until you regain at least one.
Versatile Ruler - You may train another one of your regent class skills
Feat name Prereq Summary
Cavedweller Dwarf, duergar or any other naturally subterranean race You can spend a season (3 months) to build one fortificated holding in one borough in which you have holding without spending build actions on it. This does not cost you any upkeep. You can have 3 of these fortified holdings during any given time. Any additional fortified holdings must be build and maintained normally.
Elven Voice Drow, Elf or Eladrin, Cha 13+ Your relations with all elf lineage regents are improved. In addition you gain a +2 bonus to Statecraft checks against these rulers.
Forestdweller Elf, Drow, shifter, gnome or Wilder You gain a +2 bonus to the naturalize province domain action. In addition you gain a +2 bonus to Magic Handling in forested or jungle provinces
Highlander Dragonborn, Goliath or trained in endurance Your holdings and boroughs apply a +2 DC on realm spells targeting them, in addition all realm spell durations affecting your holdings or borough are reduced by one (even beneficial spells).
Versatile Human, Tiefling or changeling You gain +0.5 GB bonus to income. In addition you gain a +2 bonus to Finance checks
Savage Upbringing Any monstrous (non PHB I, II or III) race, or Minotaur You can recruit monstrous army units (if diplomatic relations allow). In addition you gain a +2 bonus to Statecraft against savage cultures (DM discretion).
Free of Emotion (Living) construct, immortal or undead race You can take a cumulative -2 penalty to your next domain morale rolls to gain a +2 bonus to one domain roll per domain round. Additionally your holdings and domain gain a +2 DC on realm spells with the charm or fear keyword targeting them
Unique Insight Githyanki, Githzerai, elemental- or shadow origin, Halfling, bladeling You gain a +1 bonus to domain initiative and Magic Handling. You gain and can use the Dreamwalk Realm Spell for free without requiring any Domain Magic or Natural Holdings.

New Non-regent feats:

Cultural Arms Training by race Your character gain access to cultural weapons of a region. If you already had proficiency in these weapons, you gain a +2 feat bonus to damage ( + 1/tier) to a single weapon from your cultural weapons group. You can retrain this focus to another weapon each time you level up.
Discipline Cultural Arms Training You gain a +1 bonus to all saving throws


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