Population; 9,696.
Demographics: Humans 23%, drow 19%, half-elves 12%, dwarves 9%, orcs and half-orcs 8%, halflings7%, elves 6%, warforged 2%, shifters 2%, changelings 1%, other (goblinoids, giants, kalashtar, monstrous races) 11%
Rulers: House Tarkanan

Loki ir’Halaster (House Tarkanan, Mark of Madness), half elf male wizard 1*

Notable locations

  • House Tarkanan Enclave: This giant glass domed hemisphere is the dominant feature of Halastar. The structure’s glass exterior is dark enough to fully mirror the sun’s light, but bright enough to look through from the inside. The interior is large enough to hold nearly a thousand of House Tarkanan members, divided in many smaller residences and rooms. Since the building is angled at a 30 degree angle the interior of the complex is strangely redesigned to average sized human occupation with thousands of smaller plateaus, connected stairways and rope bridges to make it a maze. Strangely enough the occupants never complain of the hap hazard layout of the structure.
  • The Seal with White Pointy Teeth: This White Wanderer drinking hall is the source of as much entertainment and beer as it is of concern. As only one of the few wooden buildings the design of the large hall is that of an giant oval shaped hemisphere roof cut in half with a vertical wall placed in it. A double giant sized rune covered door, large enough to allow four or five barbarians to pass through simultaneously is topped by a taxidermed head of a giant seal, augmented to fit two ivory teeth in gives the name to the hall. Somehow it gives great mirth to the barbarians to tell the numerous heroic stories of how exactly that seal came to be up there.

Important figures:

  • Graven Winterhammer, human male barbarian 1* (leader of barbarian tribe of white wanderers)
  • Desira Poison Kiss, drow female ranger 1* (Mother of drow female clan of Sa’Xovale)
  • Loki ir’Halaster (House Tarkanan, Mark of Madness), half elf male wizard 1* (House Tarkanan enclave leader)

Motto & description:

“The new world that is destined to come.”

Halastar is build around the jungle overgrown ruins of an ancient giant outpost with the partially intact remains of a domed tower at its center which now serves as House Tarkanan’s main enclave building. Human barbarian tents are mixed in with drow treetop huts between which hundreds of different architectural residences are in the process of being build. It is a city of outcasts growing out of its bounds fast.


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