Ability score: Charisma

You are a born leader who draws great devotion from your followers. Use this skill to inspire followers, incite revolutions, increase morale, and otherwise motivate people on a large scale through inspired speech and rhetoric.

Trained: Sway the public
Your skill allows you to sway public opinion with your inspiring rhetoric. You may attempt to perform Sway the Populace for your own domain once per season as a free action (that is, it does not take up a court or standard action, but is performed in conjunction with another action) by making a small number of speeches and inspiring the masses. You must be physically present and not busy on adventuring.

On a successful check, the outcome of a resolution of a Great Captain/Heresy random event is automatically increased by one level. Most Matters of Justice should be considered “tough” questions with a DC of 15 or more.

Lead determines if a special, unique follower can be rallied to your cause or if it allows you to recruit a special elite army unit of your choosing that requires no upkeep costs. Your Leadership score determines how powerful and/or large this cohort army unit is. Your Lead score determine the base rank of your leadership score. See Leadership for its full details.


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