Province rating and Boroughs

A province consists of all the local and geographical features of a region of land. Each province is divided into distinct governmental zones named boroughs. Each borough has an unique name and a level (i.e. 1), representing its cultural development which is measured on a scale from 1 to 10. The default cultural level of a borough is 1. Higher levels of boroughs are usually made for high densitity cultural zones like major cities and the like.
Each province also has one single intangible overall level of natural development, which is also on a scale from 0-10. The natural development is a fixed number depending on the major geographical characteristic of the province (i.e. forest, plains).
The total province level is the sum of the individual boroughs levels.

i.e.: a province is divided into 6 seperate boroughs, usually named after the largest settlement or major geographical attribute. The cultural level of this province is the sum of its borough levels, while its natural level is equal to its natural level across all the province (and boroughs)

Example province overview table

Province: Testcase 1

Borough Level Ruler
Abbadeel 1 Sir Lachlin
Beerlog 1 Sir Geween
Caerwin (Capital) 3 Duke Hertog
Natural 2

Table 1-1: Natural province level based on terrain type

Type Natural level
Plains 2
Hills 3
Forest 4
Desert 5
Swamp 6
Mountains 7
Volcano add 1

Borough Holdings

Each borough has 100 holdings (or 100%) which can be claimed by regents to further their civil cause and gain resources by means of domain actions. Gaining more holdings in a borough, increases a regents power. Holdings can be claimed by regents through domain actions.

Natural Holdings

Each PROVINCE has 100 natural holdings which can be claimed by regents to further their magical cause and gain resources by means of domain actions. This is a separate intangible ‘zone’ outside the geographic boroughs with its own holdings that represent the natural state of a province. These are specialized holdings that only a regent with the Domain Magic feat may claim. Domain powers that use the Mystic or Loyalty regent score can only be used with or against these types holdings.

Borough Ruler

The ruler with the most holdings in a borough can use the court action “[[Province/Borough Ruling]]” to become a borough ruler. He or she can also use this domain action if there is enough support from allied ruling in a burough to grant that ruler a total combined holdings of 50 or greater in a single borough. A Borough ruler gains a additional 1 RP and 1 GB income bonus to his or her other holding income in this borough.
If there already is a borough ruler, this is a contested action (see below)

Example: A ruler with 35 holding uses the Borough ruler domain action, while a non allied regent with 38 holdings exists in this borough. A allied ruler with 15 holdings and another allied ruler with 5 holdings support his action, granting this ruler a total of 35 + 15 + 5 = 55 combined holdings, which enables the potential for a try on his check.

Province Ruler

A burough ruler can opt to become a province ruler by means of the Province/Borough Ruling domain action. This is a contested action.


Each domain has a morale rating that influences the revenues and actions across the domain. See adjusting Domain attitude for further details


A ruler can muster troops in a given borough if that ruler rules a borough in a province or has the borough’s ruler’s permission to do so (usually through decree until revoked). Exceptions to this rule are discussed in with the muster troop action in Domain Actions

Domain level

Levels are gained by time spend ruling as a regent. Ruling for one Calender year (4 turns) earns 1 level for a domain, up to a maximum of 30.

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