Realm Rituals

Realm rituals are difficult to learn and to master. Researching a realm ritual takes one month per level of the realm ritual and requires an expenditure of 1 GB for each month spent. This money goes into fees for rare books, relics, materials, consultants, experimentation, and other miscellaneous expenditures. At the end of that time, the character makes a Magic handling check (DC 15 + 2x realm ritual level). The character may receive a +2 bonus to this roll if they have tutoring or realm ritual research notes from another character that has already learned the realm ritual. If the roll succeeds, the character learns the new realm ritual. If the roll fails, the research fails. The character may attempt to learn the ritual again, but must pay the full costs associated with doing so

Number of Realm Rituals known
All ritual casters have a limit to the number of realm spells that they may know. An ritual caster may learn a number of realm rituals equal to the number of ranks that they possess in Magic Handling

Realm Ritual list
Bless Land
Blight Land
Call of the Ancestors Spirits
Conjure Beasts
Conjure Elementals

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Realm Rituals

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