Research is a special resource to be explored through means of research facilities. During adventures in Xen’drik artifacts or lore may be discovered. By spending time and effort as described below new discoveries and technologies can be made

Each build and maintained research facility gets to spend 1 research point each month. Various research topics can spend with multiple facilities, or the pooled power of research can be put to use on 1 specific topic. New discoveries and topics can produce additional research opties.

Current research options:

Name Time Category Description
The Archbows 12 Building By means of these Giant Arches reliable arch to arch teleportation allows long distance travel that significantly reduces travel times through Xen’drik’s cursed land.
Sun Shields 12 Building These giant crafted energy fields provide an extra layer of protection to boroughs that regenerate when damaged.
Warcraft 6 Army These anchient rudimentory constructs of war allow for powerful army units indeed.

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