Common Knowledge: Xen’drik is a land of secrets and mystery, and only the hardiest journey there. The continent is best known for its impenetrable jungles, harsh deserts, and impassable mountain ranges. Yet even more deadly are the strange supernatural effects that permeate this land, many dating back to the Age of Demons.

Arcana DC 20: Ruins of the ancient giant civilization cover Xen’drik, concealing powerful magic and relics. Xen’drik is also home to rich beds of Siberys dragonshards and deep pockets of Khyber shards. Such wealth draws adventurers to the continent.

Arcana DC 25: The giants were the first mortal civilization on Eberron, and over the millennia when they ruled Xen’drik, they raised up mighty monuments. The giants gained arcane knowledge from the dragons of Argonnessen, and magic was the foundation of their continent-spanning civilization.

Arcana DC 30: Forty thousand years ago, the quori came through into the world through planar gates linking Eberron and Dal Quor. The giants used their magic to seal those gates, but at great cost. Xen’drik was devastated, and the giants’ civilization shattered as parts of the continent sank beneath the seas.

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