domain creation

Use the following rules to create a domain, which is an additional statistic sheet used for domain level play.

A1) Determine Domain Scores

Domain score total cost cost difference with previous score bonus
6 0 0 -2
7 1 1 -2
8 2 1 -1
9 3 1 -1
10 4 1 0
11 5 1 0
12 6 1 1
13 7 1 1
14 9 2 2
15 11 2 2
16 14 3 3
17 17 3 3
18 21 4 4

Each Domain consist of the following four domain scores. Two are used as domain attacks, and two as domain defenses. These domain scores are Influence, Mystic, Government and Loyalty. Use the above table to buy the four domain scores with a 32 point budget.


  • Influence; a tangible, direct political expertise concerning domain affairs. It measures the strength of connections and power in the daily ongoing business of a domain.
  • Mystic; an intangible, esotherical political power. It is the mystical power holding sway over a domain and its populace through veiled mystery, raw magic power, religious strength or subtle tricks.

To make an Influence or Mystic attack roll; roll 1d20 and add half your domain level and the corresponding Influence of Mystic domain score bonus (i.e +3 for a score of 16)


  • Government; this resembles the structured and routine ongoing of daily domain affairs and measures the strength of a domains political and ruling apparatus.
  • Loyalty; the deep rooted respect, pride and beliefs inside the domains and its supported presence in the land providing stability, faith and guidance to the people.

To defend against Influence or Mystic attacks determine your Government and Loyalty defenses by adding 10 + half your domain level + the corresponding Government or Loyalty domain score bonus.

B) Select a Domain Class
Select a class.

  • Theocracy
    • Respect: +1 on all Loyalty defenses.
    • Wise: gain a +2 bonus to any event resolution roll.
    • +2 on all Sway the Populace rolls
    • Augury: gain +2 on domain initiative rolls
  • Autocracy
    • Choose one two of four options:
      • Warlord: Plus 5% to the total attack rating of units when present in an army.
      • Muster sergeant: Military unit upkeep reduced by 10%
      • Defender: Plus 5% to the total defense rating of units when present in an army.
      • King of the Keep: Fortification build time and upkeep are reduced by 25%. (round down, min 1, and 0,1 respectively)
  • Monarchy
    • Estates: + 0,5 RP/GB income per borough owned as borough ruler.
    • Lineage: +1 on all Government defenses.
  • Plutocracy
    • Opportunist: +1 on all Influence attacks.
    • Guild Posts: When calculating income from trade routes, add 2 to the number of trading posts. This bonus even applies when the Plutocracy has 0 trading posts .
    • Merchantile master: + 2 defense against the Trade Disruption Espionage action.
  • Magocracy
    • Domain Magic domain feat for free.
    • Ley Lines feat for free, with additional benefits. See Ley Lines description
    • Magical aptitude: +1 on all Mystic attacks.
  • Democracy
    • One free domain feat.
    • Gifted: +1 on Influence or Mystic attacks, +1 on Government or Loyalty defenses
    • Support: + 1 RP per 4 domain levels to total RP income.

D) Feats
Starting level: Select one domain feat
At every three levels, starting at level 4 (i.e. (1)-4-7-10-13-16-19-22-25-28), a new domain feat may be selected.

E) Skills
Selecting domain skills. A domain starts out with 3 skill points to spend on skill ranks, adding 1 every level.
Trained: Depending the domain class a domain may pick one skill to become trained in, adding +3 ranks to the skill. Choose this skill wisely as it is prerequisite for some exclusive skills

Domain Class skills.

  • Theocracy: Administrate, Magic Handling, Statecraft.
  • Autocracy: Finance, Lead, Warcraft,
  • Monarchy: Administrate, Lead, Statecraft.
  • Plutocracy: Administrate, Finance, Statecraft.
  • Magocracy: Finance, Magic Handling, Lead.
  • Democracy: any one.

F) Domain levels
Per year of existence of a domain it gains +1 domain level. Each domain level increases its power through experience gained in ruling. Each 2 domain levels add a +1 to domain attacks and defenses as stated in the domain scores section above. Each level also adds +1 skill point for the domain. Every 3 domain levels, starting at 3, add +1 domain score to be added to any single one domain score. Every 4 domain levels a domain feat may be selected. At domain level 11 and 21 a domain may add a +1 bonus to any domain event roll resolution checks.

domain level Feats Skill points Special
1 domain feat 3 SP
2 1 SP
3 1 SP +1 to any domain score
4 domain feat 1 SP
5 1 SP
6 1 SP +1 to any domain score
7 domain feat 1 SP
8 1 SP
9 1 SP +1 to any domain score
10 domain feat 1 SP
11 1 SP +1 event resolution checks
12 1 SP +1 to any domain score
13 domain feat 1 SP

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domain creation

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