Covert acts of espionage or disrupting another regents trade can be used through means of the Espionage domain action. Below is a list of common tasks attempted by the espionage action. A spy network is usually needed to successfully complete covert tasks in a borough, although acts of espionage can be done without the presence of a spy network, although at a increase of the target DC.
For acts that do not target a specific borough the difference in amount of spy networks is the modifier to the DC (max +2, -2).
i.e. a ruler with 4 spy networks tries to create a minor domain event in the domain of a ruler with 1 spy network. The DC for a minor event is +5 minus 2 (the difference between 1 – 4 = -3, with a max of -2). The DC is the target’s government plus 3 (5-2)

Check: Influence or Mystic vs DC
DC: Highest opposing Government in borough plus modifier from table below
Succes: see information gained
Failure: DC -1 to DC -5: nothing happens
Failure: more than 5: nothing happens and target is aware of attempted action (not the source) and can use an counter espionage as a court action next round. (see below)

Task DC Information gained
+2 Common rumors and information
+3 Catalogue troop position and strength in a province (learn army y/n and aprox value
+4 Reveal the domain statistics of a borough (regents, holding levels, etc.)
+5 Create a minor domain event
+5 Trade Disruption: Disrupt a trade post in a borough, disabling its income for the next income calculation
+5 Disrupt the Ley Line in a province, disabling it for the remainder of the round
+5 Reveal the nature of diplomatic talks taking place between two domains in borough with target’s court
+7 Create a major domain event (such as a Great Captain)
+7 Reveal the specifics of an existing diplomatic agreement between two domains in borough with target’s court
+7 Reveal army specifics and composition for troops currently stationed in the province. Learn commanders last used strategy with units.
+7 Find the location of prisoners, criminal in hiding, etc.
+10 Trace the responsibility for an assassination, corruption, heresy, or other covert intrigue in the borough
special Counter espionage (see below)

Counter espionage

With an successful counter espionage check in the round immediately following a prior espionage you can reveal the source of a prior espionage action. This action is usually used as a defensive option by periodically screening your domain for hidden espionage attempts (even if you were not aware of a successful espionage attempt, you could get lucky and find clues the round after a successful espionage on your domain). Another use of this action is when a espionage action on your domain goes wrong and you are alerted to its presence.
The use this action is either through the special use of the standard domain action Espionage or as a court action in the round immediately after a failed espionage action on your domain.

Check: Influence or Mystic vs. Government of espionaging regent on previous round plus or minus the difference in spy networks (max +2 to -2)

success: You learn which action was attempted, but not the source
great success ( DC + plus half DC of the attempted task rounded up): You learn which action was attempted and the source regent of the attempt.

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