Ley Lines

You are capable of directing the flow of Magic over long distances

Requirement: this requires the construction of a Ley Line Well (see Asset maintenance and cost), arcana or religion 5 ranks

This power allows you to draw power from the mystical ley line well that connects to a province’s raw natural rating. If build in multiple provinces each of the connected provinces can use the highest natural level as if it was considered the highest of the connected natural level of the provinces, albeit at a price. For every level of difference between the required original natural level and required level of the the realm rituan additional 2 RP must be provided and the realm spell must be able to be cast from the highest of natural levels connected.
special: through use of a Espionage domain action the use of a ley line well can be temporarily interupted. The mage regent doest not need to provide the additional 2 RP if drawing power from a higher level natural province through a well into a lower level province when casting realm rituals.

Example: a scion class regent casts a level 6 realm ritual from a province with a natural level of 1 and a ley line well, and also owns ley line well in a level 6 natural province. To cast the ritual the requirements of the ritual are met and the regent spends an additional 10 RP (6-1 × 2) to cast the ritual.

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Ley Lines

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