Statecraft is the skillful art of the diplomacy of state, inter domain relationship, gathering and thwarting the intrigues of court and learning what your rivals are up to so you can anticipate on their actions. It is a subtle art, but a necessary one.

You gain a +1 bonus on domain attitude rolls (see also Domain attitude table A2)

Gather information
You have the ability to ask the right questions and use the answers to those questions to glean vital (and possibly hidden) information. This skill represents your ability to stay afoot of domain-level gossip, learn of ongoing intrigues, conduct research, and collect information about others that might prove embarrassing if publicly revealed. If the mechanism of gathering information is not interactively social (such as conducting library research) the DM should apply the appropriate modifiers to the roll as per the details or difficulty of the task attempted.

*Domain event: Diplomatic Matter *
The outcome of the resolution of the Diplomatic Matter random event is automatically increased by one level on a successful check against DC 15.

Domain event: Intrigue
The outcome of a resolution of an Intrigue random event is automatically increased by one level on a successful check vs. DC 15. This skill may not be used to initiate an intrigue, although the knowledge collected may be used offensively through the use of an Espionage domain action.

Domain Diplomacy
Use this skill to give others the right impression of yourself, to negotiate effectively, and to influence other domains. The DC of this check is set by the DM depending on the nature of the diplomacy.

DC = task DC + statecraft ranks targeted ruler

The base DC in a Diplomacy action is strongly determined by how much the target wants to reach an agreement with you. If the Diplomatic offers is a clear advantage to the target regent and has little or no cost to them, then the base DC is 5 (Easy). If the offer has some advantage to the regent that exceeds the cost, then the base DC is 10 (Routine). If the offer has a potential advantage to the regent but the costs may equal the potential gains, then the base DC is 15 (Hard). If the offer entails a large risk or cost for the target the base DC is 20 (Difficult). Attempting to reach an agreement that entails large risk for the regent may have a base DC of 25 or higher. If applicatbe a regent can spent GB to modify the DC for a -1 per +1 GB bonus within limits by the DM

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